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“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." - Mark 10:9


Proudly serving North Carolina and beyond.

About Beauty & the Budget Events

At Beauty & the Budget Events, we believe that creating an event is about more than never-ending checklists coming together to create a single, beautiful moment; instead, the entire process is meant to be enjoyed. Every moment is valuable, whether it's a mountaintop moment full of joy and celebration, or a stressful and difficult valley that encourages growth and self-realization.
We make it our mission to walk with you through the valleys of planning, to guide the way and celebrate the small accomplishments so the mountaintop event is that much more enjoyable. Whether you're planning an intimate elopement or an elegant affair for 500 guests, let's partner together so we can manage the checklists while you enjoy your engagement season before embarking on a beautiful marriage. 
Our Company Values:
We value lifelong marriage. Marriage is hard, but it's so worth it. We believe preparing for marriage before the wedding can lay the groundwork for a happy, healthy marriage. 
We value relationships: our team’s relationships with our clients, vendors, each other, and spouses/families; and our clients’ relationships as a couple and with their families. We always prioritize people, and we believe that relationships are the most important things in life.
We value a healthy balance between hard work and relaxation. We believe that anything is possible if you balance these two so that your life and work are enjoyable and productive.  

We value fun! We believe planning a wedding should be fun, and we want to help make that a reality.

We value tradition (but we also love breaking the rules). We believe that wedding traditions should only be included if the couple feels a connection to them. And we're happy to work with you to keep the traditions or twist them to make them feel so "you."

We value adventure - artistically, geographically, mentally. We believe that each experience can be an adventure, and we encourage clients to explore all the possibilities for their wedding day, especially if it seems a little unexpected.

We value learning. We believe that the individual and business that stops continuously learning becomes stagnant, and we love to read constantly, learn from every experience, and listen to others because each person has a unique experience to share.

We value community.  For every wedding we book, we love making a donation to a local charity. We encourage our couples to tell us about their favorite charity for this donation, or they can choose one of our favorites. For 2020, we have chosen to support SAFEchildYour Center Peace, and A Place At the Table.

Meet Stephanie

Hey y'all! I'm Stephanie, the face behind Beauty & the Budget Events, and can I just say that I never dreamed I'd be here talking to you like this? I totally fell in love with the wedding planning process while planning my own wedding in 2017, and maybe this makes me a cliche, but I got hooked. Less then a month after my wedding, I was sitting at the same office I've worked at since graduating from NC State in 2014, bored out of my mind, and the business name popped into my head. I'd never considered being a business owner before, but I became totally captivated by the idea and dove straight in.


Two and a half years later, weddings are my absolute passion, and my favorite part is being able to make connections with super rad couples. I love when my couples challenge me with new ideas, especially when those ideas incorporate family and cultural traditions I wasn't already familiar with. Cross-cultural weddings are my jam, but really I love working with any couple who wants their wedding to express who they are instead of what they love on Pinterest. 

When I'm not working with my clients, I love:

Lazy time with my hubby | My cat Dobby and ferret Bellatrix | Fantasy and historical fiction novels | Pino Grigio | This is Us, Bones, and Gilmore Girls | Traveling to new places | Card games | Literally any food you put in front of me | Singing off key, loudly | Punk rock music

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“Stephaine was AMAZING to work with. She made sure our wedding day went off without a hitch and really helped make it the best day EVER! She was always willing to answer any question I could think of and gave some amazing advice. I had a lot of anxiety about my wedding day but she helped so much that I didn’t have to stress about anything and knew it would be perfect ! Stephaine and her team would be a great addition to any wedding team !”

Katy & Robbie