COVID-19 & Your Wedding

There's no denying the fact that no one knows what's going to happen in the coming months. We've all experienced a dramatic shift in life since the coronavirus pandemic began. The uncertainty that comes with an event like this may leave you scratching your head - after all, what's a bride or groom to do?! We want to continue to help removing your wedding stress and want to discuss your options. Please note that this page will be updated frequently to reflect the changing environment.

Beauty & the Budget Events, as well as many other vendors in the area, have had couples canceling and rescheduling weddings from now until the end of July. We encourage couples who are getting married in August or later to stay the course, keep planning for your wedding, and stay alert to any news that may affect your date. It is unclear what the future holds, but we'll still be here to help you plan. 

Gov. Cooper inacted Phase 1 of reopening NC, with gatherings limited to 10 people. The limit will be raised as the phases roll out. The Order has the force of law and will be enforced in all 100 counties statewide.

The Governors office then released a statement that there is no limit on gatherings for outdoor weddings. We still strongly recommend all summer couples reduce their guest counts, elope, reschedule, or pivot their wedding plans, and we want you to know your options.

What do I do if my guest count is too high?

If you plan to get married while the gathering restrictions are in place, you'll be able to include only immediate family and closest friends.

Our recommendation: you two, your officiant, both sets of parents, a "best man" and "maid of honor" and a photographer = 10.

Let guests know as soon as possible if you have to shorten your list, and remind guests who are uninvited that this was a necessary precaution. Consider setting up a live stream of your wedding so others can still celebrate with you.

Is a small guest count my only option?

While outdoor weddings no longer have restrictions on guest counts, guests are expected to maintain social distancing rules, and smaller guest counts make this more achievable. Still have a bunch of people that you want to celebrate with? Consider splitting your event into two or three days, with different guests in attendance!

What would that look like? Rather than planning to have a rehearsal dinner + wedding + day-after brunch, invite different guest lists for each day (maybe even lunch and dinner on wedding day?) and have a full weekend to celebrate your love.

Many couples are wondering if their wedding day will go on as planned, and while things may change about your dream day, we want to help make sure you still have a wonderful start to your marriage. So what are your options?

In all cases, please make sure you prioritize the health and safety of our global community and read all vendor contracts carefully as you make decisions. 

Stay the course

If your wedding is September 1 or later, for now it's best to keep on! If your wedding is before then and your guest count is under 10, you'll just need to check with your venue to make sure things can stay the same, and continue to pay attention to gathering restrictions. 

Until social distancing is no longer recommended, you can expect more emails, texts and FaceTime from your vendors instead of coffee meetings. Otherwise, the planning process shouldn't really change.

Change it up

If you want to keep your Summer/Fall 2020 wedding date or are getting nervous, we recommend changing things up!

Beyond changes to guest lists, you may need to consider changing your location if your venue can't stay open. Intimate backyard/home weddings and elopements are the best way to take back some control over your day. And be sure to stay in touch with all vendors.

Intimate weddings are my fav... that's why I had one! Now I'd love to help plan yours.


If your venue has to close or you're starting to sweat, rescheduling may be the best option.

Ideally, rescheduling will allow everything to stay the same - except the date. As you're considering this option, be sure to discuss available dates with ALL vendors, starting with the venue. Rescheduling means you won't lose your deposits, and you'll have a new date to look forward to, with a little more time to breathe.

Chat with your planner about how they can help you reschedule with all vendors. If any vendors are unavailable for your new date, ask if they can work with you to find an alternative vendor.


If you know you have to move your wedding, but you don't know when you'll be able to reschedule it, postponing your date may be right for you.

If you postpone your wedding, everything is on hold until you set a new date, but you won't necessarily have to cancel your contracts with all vendors. Chat with your favorite vendors about postponing, so when you're ready to get started again, you can work with them to find a date that works. At that point you can also review your contracts and payment schedules with vendors you could keep.


If you decide to cancel your wedding, we know you didn't come to that decision lightly. If there's any way you can choose one of the other options, I hope you do. Either way, we'll be grabbing the tissue box and sending virtual hugs. 

If you have a wedding planner, ask them to assist you as you cancel with other vendors. You'll want to end all contracts, confirm that no further payments will be charged, and of course notify your guests.

Ready to elope?

If you're ready to marry your forever person with just your closet people as witnesses, an elopement might be right for you! 

Our elopements packages are available for couples with fewer than 20 guests in attendance. We will guide you through the elopement planning process to create a smooth, cohesive ceremony in the setting of your choice. 

Including planning and design, elopement day setup, vendor recommendations and coordination, post-ceremony planning, and accommodations planning. 

Investment: $1200

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Last updated May 14.

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