Before you hire your wedding planner, you want to know what kind of work they produce. Do their past clients and weddings mesh with your own plans?

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We wanted to make it easy for you to check out all of our past weddings and events in one easy place - our Year in Review! We create an annual print magazine to showcase all our work from the past year, and we want to make it available for you to view online. Click the album cover to check it out, ask to see our Year in Review magazine during our consultation, or purchase your own physical copy!

Planning your wedding can definitely be overwhelming, from choosing linens and colors, to picking out floral arrangements and creating a seating chart. There are so many details and decisions to make, it's easy to let some things fall to the last minute. Imagine arriving to your venue on your wedding day and realizing that you hadn't thought to rent silverware!


We don't want you to forget a single detail, which is why we created The Wedding Shopping List. It's an interactive worksheet that guides couples through the different areas of detail and decor while providing space for personal customization. For a limited time only, The Wedding Shopping List is available for free!

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  • Over 200 common items needed for your wedding day

  • A list of all the vendors you need (and want)

  • Check boxes for that "Ahhhh!" feeling

  • Space to designate if the item is purchased, rented, borrowed, or not needed

  • Ability to add notes for every item

  • Blank spaces to add your own items

  • Total peace of mind that nothing has been missed!

Wedding Planning Playlist

Whether you're trying to plan your wedding or you're sipping a mimosa on wedding morning, this playlist is sure to get you in the right mood! Featuring songs from a variety of genres, artists, and eras, this playlist is updated regularly.

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