10 Christmas Wedding Elements we Love

Christmas is a time full of wonder, joy and love, just as weddings celebrate these special feelings. It’s no surprise that some couples are willing to brave the cold to bring these two magical times together. Although the colder months are outside the traditional wedding season, we love a dreamy winter wedding. If you happen to get a small, shiny present this Christmas and want to start planning for next year, or you simply love this special season, we hope you’ll enjoy this collection of our 10 favorite things about Christmas weddings.

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1. Warmth Meets Fashion

From long sleeve lace dresses to shawls and fur coats, the fashion trends of the season bring about an elegance that can’t be beat.

2. Invitations are like Christmas in July

In keeping with the theme of your winter wedding, creating relevant save the dates is like sending a Christmas card in July – think of the smile it will bring to your guests’ faces!

3. Dessert Bars Full of Holiday Goodies

Maybe I'm just a foodie, but I love when weddings offer options for desserts, and there is no better time for a dessert bar than a winter wedding. Bring on the Christmas cookies and colorful sweets!

4. Breathtaking Florals

Sure, the florals are an amazing part of any wedding, but from its deep reds and greens to dazzling whites and blues, the florals during wintertime are stunning.

5. Entertainment to Keep Guests in the Spirit

Whether it’s a special food bar or family tradition, the holidays bring out a delight that blends beautifully with wedding traditions.

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6. Seasonal Décor

Elegant, cozy or both, every design aspect of a winter wedding can bring about cheer and delight, and so much can be used to decorate your home during the many holidays you’ll spend together after.

7. Favors to Take With You

Wedding favors can just as easily be something found in a stocking on Christmas morning, from a mug with cocoa to a keepsake ornament your guests will treasure for years to come.

8. Natural Escort Cards

Natural elements can add a special touch to every part of decorating, and the escort cards are certainly included in that!

9. Mood Lighting

Whether you bring in the Christmas lights or make use of cozy candles, the romance is sure to shine through with your lighting choices.

10. Celebrating With the Ones you Love

Because after all, that’s what the holidays - and weddings - are all about.

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