8 Spring Trends for Flower Lovers

Spring always comes as a welcome reprieve from winter, and this North Carolina winter seemed particularly long, cold and snowy. I can’t say that I’m excited about the thick coat of pollen covering everything in sight at the moment, but I know that the world is about to trade the yellow for green buds and beautiful pops of color as the flowers start to grow.

Spring is a time for new life, so it’s fitting that some couples choose to tie the knot during those beautiful months when the days aren’t too hot or cold and the world feels like it’s just waking up from a long winters’ sleep. And for those couples who want to bring in their new life together surrounded by fresh air and an abundance of flowers, it’s the perfect season for a wedding.

Let’s Talk Colors

There are a few ways to go with spring color trends, and one of the best ways to pick your preference is to walk through a garden and an Easter dress sale at Target. Gentle greens, pinks and yellows can transform into a garden dream, while the same colors can be bright and beautiful for an exciting and fun wedding. Either direction, a pastel watercolor option makes everything come together, from the invitations to the cake.

Light and Airy Wedding Dresses

Elegance and grace have their place in spring weddings, and simple details will go a long way for wedding dresses. Sheer panels, delicate sparkle and floral accents are great options when picking out the perfect dress.

Grooms Attire for Happy Days

The light and festive colors of the spring months are sure to brighten up the aesthetic of wedding photos when donned by the handsome groom. Light grays, blues and tans will look sharp and set him apart from the guests, and his boutonniere will have a perfect backdrop.

Floral Prints

Spring dresses are one of the first things many girls are excited to pull out of the closet after months of sweaters, and letting your bridesmaids wear flowing floral dresses ensures they’ll love wearing their dress. Adding fun pops of colors to attire isn’t just for the ladies, either. Floral ties and suspenders look great on the gents.

Sunny with a Chance of Rain

Perhaps the biggest reason many couples stray away from spring weddings is the higher possibility of rain on these wedding dates (which can be a good thing for those who believe rain on a wedding day brings good luck). For the fun-loving couple, this weather can be embraced in a way that’s still romantic and photogenic! Ensure you choose a venue with a stunning rain plan, keep some clear umbrellas on hand, and be willing to dance in the rain!

Get Creative with Your Florals

Photo by Krista Moll Photography from Amanda & Aaron's Wedding

Break up your standard centerpieces by including planter boxes, a variety of smaller vases, or an eye-catching hanging installation. And remember to carry your floral theme through the room, including them in the photo booth, dessert table and even gift box.

Let Love Grow

Seeds are a great symbol of new life and growth, so incorporating seed packs into your favors, ceremony sendoff or escort cards make for a fitting choice. Other great options for favors include honey jars or small flower pots.

Desserts to Make Your Taste Buds Sing

Florals often make their way onto a wedding cake, but there are any number of ways to make your dessert table perfect for spring. Choosing light cake flavors such as angel food or lemon cake and light colors such as whites and soft pinks will pair perfectly with florals and sweet accents like this perfect love bird cake topper.

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