Bridal Beauty Planning Timeline

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The truth of the matter is, every bride is different, and only she truly knows what’s best for her body. As a bride and a woman, you also know how much primping and polishing you want to do to prep for the big day. You may be the laid-back kind of girl (like me!) who wants to look beautiful on her big day but is going to keep the beauty planning to a mani-pedi followed by hair & makeup. But if you’re the kind of girl who wants to take every possible step to be glowing and radiant on your wedding day, we have the ultimate timeline for you. But remember, don’t take our word for it - you know your body best, and you should always choose to be kind to your hair, skin and self-esteem.

Six Months Before the Wedding

Looking this good takes work, darling! And especially if you have certain areas you want to change, give your body the time to work its magic.

If you want to change your brow shape, start going to brow-grooming appointments now, and schedule them throughout the 6 months to achieve the look you want. Alt option: grab a handy pair of tweezers and start creating magic.

Set up an appointment with your dermatologist, regardless of your skin type, to get expert advice on the best way to love your skin so it’s glowing (in the good way) on wedding day. For those with acne concerns - especially during stress - talk about setting up an appointment for an acne-killing cortisone shot before the wedding. Alt option: Take an online skin quiz to learn the best way to take care of your skin.

Start working for the body you want. We totally don’t believe in sweating for the wedding, at least not just for the sake of looking hot in a wedding dress. Your groom loves you exactly the way you are, and you shouldn’t feel like you need to fit a certain dress size to be absolutely stunning. However, if your goal is to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and the wedding dress helps you envision your first of many health successes, then we totally support you! Start chatting with a personal trainer and nutritionist, or enlist the help of a friend and some healthy living blogs to work on this change.

Make a game plan for hair and makeup! It’s never too early to start working with your hair and makeup artist and do a trial run. This especially helps if you want to grow out your hair or change the cut and color. If you have a regular stylist, ask them for their input on how to have the best hair possible.

Five Months Before Your Wedding

This month is about continuing to work on what you already put into action! After trials with a few hair and makeup options, book your stylists for the wedding. Keep grooming those brows, working on the skin regimen your dermatologist helped create, and work out. Also, you’re gonna hate hearing this - but it’s time to stop stress eating as much as possible. I mean, if it’s eat a burger or kill the fiance, we vote burger, but otherwise…

Four Months Before Your Wedding

Just keep doing what you’re doing, girl! You know you’re starting to see results, and you can totally envision how stunning you’ll look on wedding day. You’ve got this.

Schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment, or buy an at-home whitening kit.

Three Months Before Your Wedding

If you’re planning on showing off your natural nails rather than getting tips, you’ll want to make sure they’re the right shape. Start scheduling regular mani-pedis (it’ll help de-stress so you can stay away from the ice cream) and work on shaping your nails.

Book a facial for your skin type this month! Gosh, it’s good to be a girl. After the facial, check out how your skin reacts for the next few weeks (especially any redness or breakouts). If your skin thoroughly enjoys the facial, book the same one two weeks before the wedding. If your skin wasn’t a fan, consider trying a different kind of facial. Alt option: have fun with homemade face masks and figure out what works best of your skin.

Check in with your hairstylist to make sure cut and color are on the right track to be glam on wedding day.

Two Months Before Your Wedding

Now is the time to start thinking about your tan. If you’re opting for a spray tan, test it out now to make sure you’re happy with the results. Work with your spray tan technician to get the perfect shade, and then check back in two days before the wedding to look all sun-kissed. Alt option: buy a big bottle and do a few practice runs (read: with the help of a friend) to get the right look.

If you don’t regularly wax but want to for the big day, schedule a test run. The last thing you want are irritated red spots on your body if your skin isn’t a fan.

Figure out the skincare regimen that works best for you! You DON’T want to change up your regimen the month before your wedding in case any odd reactions occur.

One Month Before Your Wedding

Keep working out, fine-tuning your brows and nails, and trying to avoid the stress foods.

Do your final makeup trial on your super healthy, rejuvenated skin. Get pumped about wedding day. Consider doing bridal portraits on the same day you do your trial for bonus points.

Chat with your dermatologist about the acne treatment if you think it might be necessary.

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

Get a final trim and/or touch up on your hair.

Get your last facial.

Whiten your teeth.

One Week To Go

You’re gonna hate us for this one, but only eat healthy things. Sugars, salts, carbs and alcohol all lead to bloating, and you want to look your best. But don’t worry - your open bar and fancy dinner are waiting at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Three Days Left

Groom your brows one last time.

If you can splurge (especially with your bridesmaids), head to the spa for a body scrub and massage to make your skin it’s best possible self, and to release any tension. A happy body is a beautiful body.

Get your wax on.

Two Days, OMG

Enjoy that last spray tan.

Get a mani-pedi! If you opted for the spray tan, let your manicurist know so that she doesn’t use scrubs or let you soak for too long and fade the tan.

One More Day

Look fabulous at your rehearsal dinner! And be sure to ask your hair stylist if you should use any specific products the night before, or if you should wash your hair the next morning.

Get some serious beauty sleep. Like, the best sleep of your life, is possible. Sure, you’ve got a lot of nerves and emotions going on, but laying down early will make all the work worthwhile. Pamper yourself before tucking in: splurge on a silk pillowcase (it’ll keep your hair from frizzing and skin from puffing), do a final blemish spot treatment, scrub those lips, lotion up, and do any hair treatments your stylist recommends. You’ll wake up feeling like a million bucks, and looking like it, too.

Wedding Day

Hang out with your favorite hair and makeup artists and all your favorite girls.

Make your man cry when he sees you.

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