Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Hosting a bridal shower or other pre-wedding activity can seem like a full time job. After you’ve selected the venue, sent out invitations, and ordered the food, you still have to figure out how to entertain your guests before the bride sits down to open up her gifts.

Picking out a few games and activities that are wedding themed is one easy way to pass the time at your bridal shower and get your guests mixing and mingling with each other. Many of your guests may be meeting for the first time and this may be the last time everyone is together before the big day.

There are lots of bridal shower games and activities to choose from, just make sure to select ones your bride will enjoy! An extroverted bride may have fun playing a game of bridal charades whereas a more relaxed bride would rather set up a flower crown bar and have a garden party with her guests.

Wine tasting is a fan favorite bridal shower activity that can also be its own theme! Serve up grapes and cheese or set up a grazing board for guests to enjoy as they sip on bubbly. It’s perfect for brides who love wine and the finer things in life. This free wine tasting printable will make hosting the wine tasting shower a breeze. All you have to do is print out these score cards, get some wine glasses together and start pouring!

The wine that scores the highest between all the categories “wins!”

You can download the printable using the button below. For more bridal shower printables and activities, click here!

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