Choosing the Best Photo Booth

Weddings are essentially big parties where many of the guests don’t know each other, and the guests of honor are off with the photographer for a good chunk of that time. Because of this, couples often feel the pressure to provide some sort of entertainment for their guests. For some, an open bar and loud music are enough, but for couples who want to add something extra, a photo booth is a popular option. Whether it’s a closed booth, an open air booth with an attendant, or a DIY backdrop and a selfie stick, many guests get a good laugh out of grabbing a prop and a few friends to make goofy faces in front of the camera. So how do you set up the best photo booth area?

Kelsey of Revelry & Heart, Stephanie of Beauty & the Budget Events, Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Events and Arika of Arika Jordan Photography in an open air photo booth at a networking event. Photo by Timmester Photography.

Closed Photo Booths

Your first experience with a photo booth was likely a closed booth you found at a mall or an arcade. These booths are great for a touch of nostalgia and to create a clean look within your reception space. The booth is often set up in a corner in a spot that guests can easily find, without it taking up a lot of wall space. Your more shy guests will love hoping into the closed off booth to take their photos without onlookers, and everyone will want to pile in to capture some silly photos. The downside? Because closed booths tend to be smaller, only two or three guests can take a photo together at a time, but this can create some fun, intimate shots of the guests at your wedding.

Open Air Booths

Photo by Siobhan Lorraine Photography from Dakota & Andrew's Wedding

Quickly becoming the popular option, open air booths include a fun background with a camera kiosk in front of the “booth.” Because there is more space with an open air booth, more of your guests can jump in front of the camera for group shots. The kiosks often provide more customization than the standard closed booths, and couples enjoy adding special filters and stickers, such as the couple’s name, wedding hashtag or monogram. Some booths even come with the opportunity to instantly share the photos on social media!

Alternative Photo Booth Rentals

Looking for something different for your photo booth? Some companies get a little more creative with their photobooth options, creating an enclosed space that allows for more guests to join in the fun both inside AND outside the booth. One of the popular alternative options available in the Carolinas in a photo booth bus, which really ups the entertainment level for guests.

DIY Booths

For couples who want the interactive entertainment option but don’t want to splurge on an extra vendor, providing a fun background and props with a selfie stick is the way to go! Going over the top with the backdrop that incorporates your wedding colors or theme leaves guests with memorable photos from your event, and putting up a sign with your wedding hashtag will encourage guests to share their fun shots with you.

Choosing the Best Booth Option

The first thing to decide is what kind of vibe your going for with your photo booth. After that, decide if you want to go with a professional photo booth vendor or a DIY option. Assuming you opt for a vendor, be sure to ask the professionals the following questions:

  • What is the photo quality like? Will the photos be high-definition shots with high quality prints? (Be sure to look at real life examples from each vendor you consider.)

  • How many photo strips are printed out? Will there be more than one copy of the photos for each guest to take home? Can the couple also get a copy of each strip?

  • Can the photos be shared online? Is there an option to instantly share the photos on social media, collect in an online photo album, or text the photos to the guests’ phones?

  • What customization options are there? Can we add a custom sticker or border to each photo strip?

  • Can guests personalize their photos with stickers or drawing tools?

  • What kind of props are offered? Do we have to bring our own props?

  • What kind of backgrounds are offered? Is there a single backdrop or a green screen with digital options? Do we have to provide the backdrop?

  • Does the booth offer gifs?

  • Will the booth fit within our space?

  • What is included in the photo booth packages?

  • Are we able to test out the booth before we hire the vendor?

  • Does the vendor have an option for extra prints to be compiled in a guest book for guests to sign?

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