Choosing The Perfect Wedding Scent

The bride is typically the center of attention at any wedding. From her dress, hair and make-up, to the way she walks down the aisle (and to what music), she tells a story that reverberates out to everyone in attendance.

Even her bouquet is a kind of narrative. Something classic brings a feeling of tradition and romance, whereas something more wild and abstract can show off a bride’s more adventurous and outgoing nature. Something else that sets a tone, but may not be otherwise considered, is the bride’s chosen scent.

The olfactory sense is one of the most powerful of the five senses and can trigger memory, desire, and deep emotion. A wedding fragrance should be something as special as all the elements of a bride and it’s not something that should be left to chance.

Since she’s the belle of the ball, a bride is expected to show up perfectly quaffed and smelling fresh as a daisy. Then there’s dancing, and hugging every friend and relative and of course getting cozy with her groom. Considering all that, the fragrance that is chosen for the big day should be memorable and say something about the bride’s personality.

FragranceX has provided a flowchart below that allows the would-be bride to consider what specific smells might attune well with their nuptials. They’ve looked at everything from time of year and personality of the bride, to what signature cocktails are planned.

Something citrusy, for example, might speak of vibrance and a refreshing attitude whereas a floral scent may feel more traditional and give a hint of classic romance. Whatever flavor your event takes on, consider the wedding fragrance that will match; after all, a special day deserves something that gives off a scent that is as lovely as you feel.

This was shared with permission by FragranceX

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