Engaged and Graduating: The Ultimate Multitasking Challenge

If I learned anything during my time at NC State, it’s that college kids are good at three things: multitasking, falling in love, and cramming before a big due date. What many students don’t realize is how difficult it is to bring those three together, until they decide to plan their wedding during their final years of college.

Photo by Siobhan Lorraine Photography

It totally makes sense: some of us dream of going off to college and finding a spouse, while others are surprised to fall in love at 21. But as graduation looms closer, you have to make so many decisions that transition you from being “a college kid” to an adult, like finding your first official job and a place to live that isn’t near Gorman St. You want to fully dive into this adulthood with your life partner by your side, so why not add planning a wedding to the list of things to do, right? Multitasking is number one on the resume, right?

You get the ring, tell everyone, save the date, and then realize that planning a wedding is unlike anything you’ve done before. And you have to figure out how to do it while studying for finals, working a part time job, putting out applications… You know you could figure this whole wedding thing out if you didn’t have so many other priorities, but you wish someone had told you it takes most couples 250+ hours to plan a wedding. You might have waited until after graduation, but you’re still so excited to marry your best friend.

So you hire your first few vendors, and then someone asks if you’ve considered hiring a wedding planner. You ask why you should, and they tell you that planners don’t only set up your decor on wedding day and make sure things go smoothly - they can help you create your wedding budget and planning timeline; they can take the research and never-ending emails with vendors off your plate; they can make sure every little detail is taken care of, the decor is on point, and so much more.

So even though you are more than capable of figuring out all the details, making all the plans, and picking the perfect shade for your napkins, you realize that you don’t actually have to do everything on your own. You start reaching out to wedding planners, knowing that this is the last vendor you have to find on your own, and the instant relief is already worth it.

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