How to Celebrate Your Bachelorx Party In A "You-nique" Way

If you've ever watched a movie about a bachelor or bachelorette party, you've probably noticed a few things they have in common - drinking, strip clubs or penis decor, and some kind of disaster, especially if it's the day before the wedding. If that's your cup of tea, planning your bachelorx party will be a breeze, but if you want a more personal touch than a visit to the strip club or Las Vegas for your bachelorx party, we've got some great options for you.

Despite the lack of diversity in movies, you can literally do whatever you want for your bachelorx party - after all, it's YOUR party.

Whatever you choose, it should be an experience that you're excited about, whether it's trying something new or including all your favorite things. And if someone else is planning the party, you can totally drop some hints or share your ideas with them to make sure you have an amazing time.

Before you decide what you'll be doing for your bachelor or bachelorette party, you'll want to figure out who will be involved. Will it be you and your wedding party? Will any friends be invited to the bachelorx who aren't in the wedding party? What about parents or guests who are under 21? Do you want to have a co-ed celebration so the whole wedding party can have a blast together? Each of these factors can influence the activities you choose and help you narrow down your options.

The biggest misconception about bachelorx parties is the idea that they have to be within a month of the wedding. If you want a summer party but you're getting married in November, so what?! If The Hangover has taught us anything, it's that drunken debauchery the night before your wedding is a bad idea, so there's no reason to wait 'til it's almost here to celebrate with your best friends.

Outdoor Experiences

Camp. Grab your buddies, beer and wine, and marshmallows as you head out to a campsite. There's something about the smell of a campfire under a star-filled sky that can really help you relax - which might be just what you need to balance out the craziness of wedding planning. Glamping totally counts if tents aren't your style.

Take a road trip. If you keep talking about going to Charleston, Nashville, or Atlanta, your bachelorx might be a perfect time! If your family or friends live in another state, you might take a road trip with some friends to go visit and celebrate together.

Rent a beach house. With miles and miles of gorgeous NC coast, renting a beach house is a blast any time of year. When everyone chips in, a house is way cheaper than separate hotel rooms, and it leaves room for some pretty funny late-night drunkenness. Plus, the beach, duh.

Go to a ski lodge. Whether skiing, snowboarding, or tubing is more your jam, everyone in your party is sure to find something to enjoy outside. And definitely inside, with a bar, spa, and cozy fires.

Skydive. You know, the thing you've always said you'd want to do but are actually terrified by. Skydiving is sure to give you a huge burst of adrenaline, and it's definitely something you'll never forget.

Go white water rafting. Head out to the mountains for a great outdoor experience that requires no prior knowledge. You'll get a day or more, floating down a river with however much wine you can carry. Sounds good to me.

Cheer on your favorite team. Head out to the ballpark, racetrack or arena to cheer on your favorite team. This is the perfect time to splurge for the good seats to make it a special experience.

Take a cruise. If you all have some vacation days you're looking to spend, take a week-long cruise to party it up in style. Less time or money? Two and three-night cruises are available as well.

Go to summer camp. Nostalgic for childhood fun with childhood friends and siblings? Head out to an adult camp for a weekend to live out your childhood dream of running through camp with no counselors. Booze just adds to the experience.

Visit an amusement park. Because who doesn't love hours of screaming and laughing with your best friends? Head to a local park for a one-day bachelorx, or take a trip to one of the bigger parks for a weekend adventure.

Hunt for treasure. This one might take some extra creativity or a list pre-made by your city, but a scavenger hunt can be a fun way to explore your city in a new way. You might take a trip down memory lane, or have clues left around the city. You might have a list of quirky pictures to take with strangers or landmarks and teams trying to compete. However you do it, you're sure to have a blast.

Host a pool party. Go as big as you want. Stock the bar, get the matching bathing suites, splurge on the flamingo float you've been wanting forever.

Indoor Experiences

Get away for the weekend. Enjoy a spa day, wellness weekend or yoga retreat to help clear all the chaos out of your mind. You and your party will come back refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Enjoy the arts. Go to the theatre, rock out at a concert, explore a new museum. Whatever mode of art satisfies your heart, lean in and enjoy.

Learn something new. Cooking classes, dance classes, and painting classes are all great group activities. Especially while drinking a glass of wine.

Do a photo shoot. Have you ever wanted awesome photos of you and your besties? Now's the time to go all out! Rent a great air bnb, hire a photographer who can give tips about posing, get glam with the hair and makeup, and get that cute Bride outfit you've been wanting.

Laugh it up. Hit up your local comedy club, improv group, or buy tickets for a comedian you've been wanting to see. Because sometimes we all just need a good laugh.

Host high tea or brunch. If you're feeling fancy, you might choose to rent a small venue and host a high tea or a brunch, complete with finger food and fresh gossip.

Try to escape. For those who love puzzles, trivia and team building, an escape room or murder mystery party might be the perfect way to introduce your wedding party members.

Go bowling. The classic group outing. Ahhh, nostalgia and bowling alley appetizers.

Host a theme party. Especially great for a co-ed bachelorx, throwing a theme party can all a really fun extra level. Consider going with Western, 80s, or Hawaiin theme!

Go to a drag show. Big hair, big heels and big fun are sure to come your way if you go to a drag bar for your bachelorx party.

Sing your heart out. Is it even a party if someone doesn't burst out singing? If you want to start the singing and drinking at the same time, head out to a local bar for a karaoke night.

Outdoor Hobbies

Run a marathon. If a runner's high is your goal, any marathon will do. If you want to make it an experience for friends in your party who aren't as conditioned to running, a themed marathon like the Krispy Kreme Challenge or runDisney could be perfect - just don't forget the great matching costumes!

Hunt or fish. If you enjoy hunting or fishing, grab your guns or tackle box and a few cases of beer before heading out for your party. But make sure everyone you invite will also enjoy sitting in a tree stand or lakeside for a few hours. Otherwise, a shooting range might be your best bet!

Play paintball. For a more active group, running around shooting each other could be a blast. Split into two teams, and as the guest of honor, feel free to load your own team with the experienced players so you don't end up losing early in the game. Just make sure you don't have any photoshoots coming up before you come home covered in bruises.

Go golfing. If golf is something you enjoy, going 18 holes on your favorite course before grabbing dinner at the club could be your idea of a perfect day with your friends. For the less experienced, a driving range is a fun-for-all activity.

Rent dirt bikes. Finding a rental company that gives you access to dirt bikes, ATVs, or dune buggies can be a blast, especially if they have open courses, guided tours, or training lessons to make it a full experience. It's that danger factor that makes it so exciting.

Staying at Home

Have a poker night. Grill steaks, get beer from a cheap grocery store, and play Texas Hold ‘Em with a $20 buy-in. From there, spruce it up however you want!

Host a movie or video game night. Plan to start the party early and risk crashing on the couch. Whether you're rocking out hours of Rocket League or crying happy tears during 27 Dresses, we recommend grabbing all the popcorn and movie-theatre candy from the grocery store beforehand.

Have a slumber party. For fans of nostalgia, group games, and talking way too late into the night. Add a theme with a bit of decor and gifts - perhaps a lingerie shower, or a cigar and whiskey tasting.

Food & drank

Explore your cities best. Find a list of your cities top bars, bakeries and restaurants, and map out the top places you want to try. Make a day of trying new things you might have otherwise missed.

Taste whiskey. Not cheap, but definitely not your ordinary bar experience. Set up a private tasting and take your sweet time enjoying it. Wine and cigars can also totally be the focus, if whiskey isn't your thing.

Feast on steak. If you want a way to splurge close to home, grabbing a limo and heading to a fancy steak house can make ya feel real fancy.

Bar crawls. Maybe a bit of a flashback to college, but possibly one of the most fun ways to drink with friends. Add a trolley pub to the experience and cover more ground around your city!

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