How to Turn Your Pinterest Wedding Board into an Actual Wedding

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The moment you've been dreaming of is finally happening; your best friend is down on one knee, looking up at you, holding the most beautiful ring you've ever seen. You say yes without hesitation, ready to spend the rest of your life with your forever person, and you're just as excited to officially plan your wedding. After all, your Pinterest board has been collecting wedding dresses, place settings and DIY favors for the last few years, so you're totally prepared.

Except it turns out, it isn't as simple as you expected to turn your 1,472 pins into an actual, cohesive wedding. If anything, the options seem limitless, and you have no idea where to start. So how do you turn your wedding board into an actual wedding?

Pin For Your Real Wedding

First things first, you need to make sure your pins are for your real wedding, not your "dream" wedding. If you're not sure what the difference is, consider your ring. There's a good chance you've pinned dozens of dream engagement rings to your wedding board(s), and then your partner presented you with a ring that you quickly start showing off to anyone who walks by. Did your perfect engagement ring match your board? Nope! At MOST, it matched one of the dozens of rings you pinned, and it likely wasn't on your board at all. It's your real ring, your perfect ring, but was it wasn't necessarily your "dream" ring, and that doesn't make it any less special or perfect for you.

So let's take that logic and apply it to the rest of your wedding. Before you can really start planning anything else, you have to pick your venue. Maybe you've pinned some venue ideas to your boards, but it's more likely that you searched around your area for a venue to visit in person. You find the perfect site to get married and celebrate, and the venue is so "you." But is it the kind of venue you expected to get married at? Many couples aren't sure what style of venue they want until they're looking at it, so your Pinterest boards might have a mix of country clubs and barn venues, or it could be a split of hotel ballrooms and historic estates.

Whatever venue you choose, there are specific styles, themes and decor that work best within that space. So after your venue has been chosen, we recommend creating a new wedding board that is specifically for your real wedding, not just all the pretty things you've pinned over the years. Once you create your new Pinterest board, go back through your massive original board and start re-pinning things to the new board that you would actually consider using for your real wedding, keeping your venue in mind. You might not have the full style and theme set in stone yet, but your venue will help you narrow things down. This is also a great time to consider if something you pinned fits your personality and your relationship - remember, the goal is to create a cohesive, beautiful wedding that represents your relationship, not to replicate Pinterest trends.

Narrow Down the Inspiration

After you book your venue and set the date, you'll get to start booking vendors who will bring your wedding vision to life - but do you know what your vision is? Creating a specific wedding vision is important, because it keeps all your vendors on the same page and allows them to contribute elements that work together with your style, colors and feeling in mind. And while it might feel fun to peruse Etsy and Amazon and buy all the cute decor items, creating a solid vision even saves you money since everything you buy and rent has a real purpose in mind.

When you're ready to start working toward your vision, we find that organization is key, and Pinterest makes this so easy to do. Go to your wedding board and start adding sections for areas of your wedding that you've pinned a bunch of - sections like attire, bouquets, colors, decor, etc. Then you can work through each section at a time to narrow down the inspiration and create a specific vision.

For example, once you add all the bouquet pins to the bouquet section, you can easily look at that section as a whole to see if there are any trends that you've pinned. Do most of the bouquets have the same shape? Are there some colors or particular flowers that you've pinned over and over again? Great! Now that you can easily see what you're most attracted to, you can start removing pins that don't go with that vision. Once you have a more manageable amount of bouquet inspiration pins, you can find a florist who can create the perfect bouquet based on your preferences (and you can even share that board section with the florist).

Building A Mood Board

After you've narrowed down the sections, you'll want to make sure that your favorite dress styles work with the hair styles, that the colors work with the flowers, and so on. Every part of your wedding should tie into the same theme/feeling/vibe, it should feel authentic to who you and your partner are, and it should have a cohesive look. To make sure this happens, we love making a wedding mood board.

A wedding mood board is a grid containing photos of your featured elements, showcase the colors, and might even include some key words to describe the feeling you way. Essentially, it's a single picture that captures the entire feeling of your wedding, and you can share this file with vendors and use it as a personal resource to make sure every wedding decision, purchase and rental ties together.

To build a mood board, you'll want to select a few key photos, stick them in the grid, and see how they look together. The photos themselves might not be the specific elements you want to include, or the colors they should be in on wedding day, but it provides significant information, such as the style of dress, the centerpiece design, or the groom's boutonniere. You can play around with the images, colors and style of the elements photographed until you feel like your mood board accurately represents the vibe you want your wedding day to have.

When we work with couples in our Wedding Design Workshop, one of the steps is to create the wedding mood board for their unique day. We know that it's next to impossible to create the perfect mood board on the first go, which is why we create three different mood boards for each couple at first. We discuss what the couple is crazy about, as well as what they don't prefer in the mood board, and we then send them a new mood board bringing together their favorite elements in a cohesive way that feels really specific to the couple. So if the first mood board you work on doesn't feel right, that's totally okay! It's a work in progress, and you'll know when you've landed on gold. Just remember, once you've locked in on a mood board and shared it with vendors, it's best not to change anything!

Developing a Wedding Inventory

And here comes the fun - you've built your wedding mood board, sent it out to your awesome vendors, and now you're ready to think through the specific details you want on wedding day. We're past the point of daydreaming about pretty things now, it's time to focus on what you can actually include on your wedding day. Look back through your pins and decide if they're realistic for your wedding; consider if the DIY is worth doing, if the fancy lounge is in the budget, and if the rentals are available in your area.

As you consider how to turn your Pinterest board into an actual wedding, work through each section of your wedding day and see how those remaining pins could fit in. For your ceremony space, what elements do you want to include? What pins apply, and what other elements will be included? You'll want to list out every item you plan to bring to the wedding day as a complete wedding inventory. We recommend using a resource like our Wedding Shopping List for a detailed walk-through of most items you'll need for wedding day and space to include all those special Pinterest finds that make your day unique. As you continue shopping for the detailed decor items, you can continue to refer back to your mood board to make sure everything comes together beautifully.

Want help turning your Pinterest wedding board into an actual wedding? We'd love to work with you via our Wedding Design Workshop! For more great wedding inspiration, check us out on Pinterest.

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