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Picking the Perfect Florist

There are so many beautiful aspects of a wedding day, but one of the prettiest elements is easily the floral arrangements. From bouquets and boutonnieres carried by the bridal party to table centerpieces, ceremony décor and even the cake, natural elements are everywhere on a wedding day. Even brides who aren’t fans of flowers often include some small floral or natural elements such as greenery garlands. So it’s only natural (hehe) that choosing the right florist is an important part of the planning process.

Before a couple can begin to look for the perfect florist, there are a few things that need to be checked off the planning list, such as the venue, the color palette, and the wedding style. And while a florist can give amazing recommendations about the best flowers to choose based on the season, wedding style and colors, and the couple’s budget, it’s best to have an idea of what you like and dislike, as well as where you want floral arrangements to appear on your wedding day. Do you want a large, wild bridal bouquet with tons of greenery and vibrant colors, or do you want a structured bouquet with a variety of white flowers? Do you want short centerpieces on each table, or a breathtaking floral installation that hangs above the tables? Will there be floral elements in the ceremony, such as on the altar/arch or lining the aisle?

Once you’ve come up with a general floral game plan, it’s time to start researching florists who may be able to create your vision. Begin by asking friends and family or your wedding planner for recommendations, search reviews online, and look through the florists’ portfolios if available to see who has a style that fits with yours. Narrow down your list, and consider asking the following questions to ensure you pick the best florist for your special day.

General Information

Flowers by Folie A Deux
  • Do you have my date available?

  • Do you have any other weddings or large orders that weekend?

  • Do you have a contract? When will I receive that?

  • Any restrictions we should be aware of?

  • Do you provide any other services through your company? (Think decor rentals, centerpieces)

  • What information will you need from me before the wedding day?

Style & Experience

  • How long have you been a florist?

  • What is your floral design background?

  • What type of events do you normally work? Have you done many weddings?

  • Have you ever worked at our venue?

  • What is your design style? (Know if you prefer a style, such as wild, modern, structured, etc.)

  • What sets you apart from your competition?

  • Do you have any reviews I could see or references I could speak to?

  • Will you take the bride’s dress into consideration when creating the bridal bouquet?

Price and Logistics

Flowers by Eden House
  • How do you price your arrangements?

  • What is included in the price?

  • Do you rent out vases? Do I have to rent vases through you, or can I bring you vases that I own?

  • Is there a deposit required? What is the payment schedule? Any additional fees I should be aware of?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • Do you have a contingency plan if you can’t come the day of the wedding?

  • What is your backup plan if the flowers ordered for my wedding aren’t in good shape?

  • Do you have a minimum budget?

  • When should I finalize my order?


Flowers by Eclectic Sage
  • Will you be assisting with set up, or will you be dropping off the arrangements?

  • Is there an extra fee for setup?

  • How early will you arrive to start setting up or to drop of the arrangements? How much time will you need?

  • If we rent the vases or other items, how do we return them to you?

  • Are you able to work with my cake baker?

The Flowers

Flowers by Fresh Affairs
  • If I don’t have particular flowers I want, will you make suggestions based on my wedding style, season and budget?

  • Can you work with inspiration photos of arrangements I like?

  • Are you willing to work with flowers that are out of season?

  • Do you work with flowers that are locally sourced and/or sustainably grown?

  • Do you only work with fresh flowers?

  • Will you make suggestions to lower the budget without compromising the aesthetic look?

  • What type of vases do you suggest?

  • What kind of wraps can you do for the bouquets?

  • When will you create my floral pieces, and how will they be stored before the wedding?

  • Can you help me preserve my bouquet?

For more assistance with selecting the best vendors such as your florist, let's chat! We would love to help you put together an amazing team of wedding vendors.

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