Popular Wedding Flowers by Season

I totally love the magic that flowers create on a wedding day, and I have mad respect for the wizards who call themselves florists. There are so many varieties and colors and ways to source flowers, and each season has different blooms, and the way a florist can design a bunch of bouquet with the same flowers in different styles and all the arrangements look incredible is mind blowing to me.

So by no means am I a florist, but as a wedding planner, my clients ask me about every part of weddings, so I like to provide them with as much helpful info as possible. For the brides who like flowers but don't know what blooms that they want to include, the options can feel limitless and a bit daunting. So we wanted to simplify the process just a bit by naming a few popular flowers for each season. As you start to figure out your style and preferences, the flower wizards can walk you through the rest of the process to create the magic. But first...

Why Do I Care About Seasons?

I mean, you can get any kind of flower any time of the year, right? Well, technically, yes, you can! If you have your heart set on a specific flower that naturally blooms in Spring, and you're having an October wedding, it's absolutely possible to find a florist who can source that flower for you. But it might not come cheap. When you source flowers out of season, you're running the risk of having flowers that don't look quite as full, bright and fresh as they would be in their normal season, or you may find yourself paying the big bucks for great looking flowers.

Budget Tip: Not comfortable paying a ton for a flower you love? Just include that specific bloom in your bridal bouquet, or limit the amount used through the venue, and alternate with a similar looking flower that has a lower price tag.

As you move through the different seasons, many flowers can be found throughout the year or in multiple seasons, so while the following flowers may be most popular in the season mentioned, we again recommend that you speak with your florist about what is available for your wedding.

Spring Flowers

The flowers abound in spring time, so your options are wide spread. Often, softer colors are selected for spring weddings, such as light pinks, purples and yellows, while white and greenery create a clean, fresh look. A variety of textures can add much charm to your arrangements.

Peony - A larger flower great for centerpieces, this flower is delicate looking but can actually be very tough and holds up in a bouquet well. Peonies come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, including white, pink, and yellow.

Rose - The classic flower of love, available in most colors. Beautiful in all aspects of wedding decor, and available in some variety throughout the year.

Sweet Pea - A smaller, climbing flower that adds great pops of color and texture to any bouquet. Available in most warm colors and great for a delicate look.

Lilac - A light purple flower with a sweet smell, lilac is a great accent in a bouquet with its mid size

Ranunculus - This flower comes in a wide variety of colors and is a favorite selection by brides because of its similar look and size to roses at half the cost.

Hydrangeas - Large and low cost, with a variety of colors including pinks and blues, these are great options for centerpieces on a budget. They're also fantastic if your wedding colors are bright and bold. Varieties available in Summer as well.

Tulips - Also available in nearly every color of the rainbow, tulips have a single bloom on a long stem. Great as an accent or a smaller bouquet option, these flowers are super versatile in wedding design.

Gerbera Daisy - Available primarily in warm colors and white, gerbera daisies are bold and bright with a wide, flat single flower on a stem. These are great for filling in space with pops of color and are available year round.

Summer Flowers

Summer flowers tend to be bold, bright and full of color, and you'll have no shortage of colorful flowers to choose from. Regardless of the chosen colors, wildflower designs are particularly fun and playful for summer weddings, as it's reminiscent of picking flowers off the side of the road when we were kids.

Poppy - Delicate-looking flower that comes in bold reds and oranges, as well as other colors. A single bloom per stem.

Sunflower - Easily recognized for it's bright golden-yellow petals and brown center on a long stem, these large flowers are a perfect representation of a southern summer.

Snapdragon - A long stem with many small blooms clustered together, this is great to add some dimension and height to your bouquet. The fun texture and personality is available in most colors, including purples, oranges and yellows.

Matsumoto Aster - While this flower can be found year round, their vibrant colors and long, sturdy stems make them a great selection for summer weddings.

Alstroemeria - Similar to a lily, these two-tone flowers add a whimsical feeling to any bouquet. Stunning yellows, vibrant oranges and nature's version of hot pink can all be found in this flower variety, which can also be found during fall.

Bells of Ireland - Tall spikes of tiny white flowers surround by green, rounded leaves, these have a shape similar to that of gladiolas or snapdragons and add a fantastic green touch to any bouquet.

Zinnia - If a paper lantern was a flower, it'd be a zinnia. These flowers are like fluffy, colorful spheres on long stems, and they can be incredibly fun and whimsical for a summer wedding.

Orchid - Small and delicate, orchids are tall stems with multiple small, brightly colored flowers that add texture, diversity and color to any arrangement.

Chrysanthemum -Similar to a zinnia, chrysanthemums are single, sphere-like flowers on long stems, but some varieties can be a bit flatter. They're popular in summer and fall and have a vast variety of colors and styles.

Fall Flowers

As with much fall decor, warm colors like burnt orange, reds and purples make fantastic selections for your fall wedding flowers. Texture and a somewhat "unstructured" designs with lots of greenery are important to make your flowers really pop.

Dahlia - Another round bloom on a sturdy stem, dahlia's are great flowers to be the star of your bouquet. They can be a single color or two-tone and come in amazing dark and warm colors like burgundy and pink, as well as a reddish-black!

Asiatic Lily - This summer and fall flower is most popular for providing pops of orange for festive fall decor, and a few will get you a long way with this flower variety!

Celosia -If you're a fan of lavender in the springtime, you'll love Celosia for it's similar shape in fall colors like reds, oranges and yellows. As an edible flower, this is also a great option for cake and cocktail garnish.

Calla Lily - Available most of the year, calla lilies have a distinct cone-like shape that makes a great statement piece. Great in fall for their warm tones as well as romantic white, a few are all you need to make a statement.

Leucadendron - Also called Conebush, these are a really unique flower in their general shape, great for that wow-factor as an accent to your arrangements.

Yarrow - A great filler for your bouquet, many tiny flowers cluster on each stem and can be found in white and yellow most commonly, as well as other colors.

Asters - Similar in shape to daisies, these fun flowers come in shades of blue, purple and pink that add great pops of color.

Gladioli - Available in every color, these tall flowers are great for centerpieces to add height to your tables

Winter Flowers

Photo by The Lyonswood from Taylor & Chris's wedding

Naturally, greens, reds and whites are popular color choices for winter weddings, as the red feels like Christmastime and really pops against the frosted whites that make us think of snow, even during a warmer winter wedding.

Amaryllis - Thick long stems with a single, bold red bloom.

Poinsettia - The classic Christmas flower, these large red blooms create the perfect winter vibe and are perfect for centerpieces and decor.

Holly - For a winter feeling, Holly is a great accent plant for their dark green leaves and red berries. Although they aren't great for bouquets because the leaves are spiky, they are lovely in centerpieces and ceremony backdrops.

Carnation - These full flowers with a crinkled petals are available in most colors and are lovely in bouquets, and are a fantastic choice as the sole flower for a boutonniere.

Gardenia - Blooming all winter, these white flowers are the perfect choice for a winter bouquet.

Star of Bethlehem - A lovely small white winter flower with six thin petals that look like a star, this is a great addition to arrangements.

Stephanotis - A beautiful vine flower with waxy green leaves and small clusters of white flowers, these add a precious look for greenery accents in winter weddings.

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