Tips for Successful Signature Drinks

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

When it comes to wedding bars, you're likely going open bar, dry wedding, or you're trying to find the perfect balance to show your guests a good time but still keep an eye on the cost. There are plenty of options to consider for that middle ground bar setup, including a cash bar, beer and wine only, or limited bar time, and signature drinks can play a fun part in any bar design.

A signature drink is a drink designed for a special occasion, and they can add a bit of personality to your wedding bar. You can save money by limiting the amount of liquor on the menu while still providing your signature selection. Your wedding bartender should be able to work with you to design a cocktail that represents you and your love story, while still being cost efficient and fun for your guests.

Tips for a Successful Signature Drink

Short and sweet.

Drinks that can be made in a big batch ahead of time, such as a sangria or a champagne punch, will allow your bartenders to quickly serve your signature drink. If you want a cocktail that can't be made in batch, keep the recipe simple so it doesn't take long to make. You never want to slow down your bartenders and have a queue of guests waiting for drinks instead of enjoying the wedding.

"What's in this?"

Make sure you name it well so people know what the base drink is. When your guests get to the bar, they typically want to grab a drink and get back on the dance floor, so they don't want to stand around reading the ingredients in your signature cocktail. A clear name keeps the dance floor packed.


While you want the drink to have a special element, you want to make sure it's a drink your guests will actually enjoy. Stick with the classics as the base for your drink, but add something extra to make it signature.

Top it off.

Sometimes that special touch is in the garnish, like a fruit or edible flower that goes with your wedding colors. A vodka tonic with a strawberry on the rim to match your red bridesmaid dresses? Perfect.

Take it to go.

Consider ways to make your signature drink double as your wedding favors. Bottle up your big batch of drinks, add a cute tag and a sign, and leave them on the bar for your guests to quickly grab and go. No wait time at the bar needed!

Bonus points.

Pick a cocktail that is meaningful, that you actually drink. Maybe you took a trip to Ireland together and want a Jameson and Ginger on the menu. Or maybe you drank a bottle of your favorite wine on your first date and want to use that in a sangria.

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