Transforming An Industrial Space

Concrete, exposed brick, pipes and beams are often in view in an industrial venue, and while the individual elements may not be much to look at, they provide a simple yet stunning backdrop for wedding décor magic. The trick is pairing the right décor with the venues elements and making sure they compliment each other, rather than trying to cover up the space you’re working with.

Couples that opt for industrial venues tend to be on the creative, edgy side of the wedding spectrum, recognizing that in life, there is beauty in the chaos. These venues speak to how life isn’t perfectly sculpted, but even something simple can be made special when given some love and attention. So how do you transform your industrial space to make it a beautiful wedding venue? Check out these tips and tricks!

Themes Within Industrial

Industrial may define the space, but the theme characterizes the way you choose to decorate. Perhaps you want to go minimalistic and really show of the character of the building you’re in! Maybe you love boho but didn’t want to get married in a field, so you bring the natural and crafty elements inside to create awesome textures. The naturalist option may include countless green things including awesome backdrops, centerpieces and installations. Romantic industrial works beautifully in darker spaces, where you can add a million candles for mood lighting and pair with jewel tones for an indescribable richness. And for the rustic couple who didn’t want to get married in a barn, those woodsy, old-timey elements can be brought inside to add some color to your space (I mean, how perfect are farm tables and exposed brick?).

Working with a Blank Canvas

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Some industrial spaces are incredibly simple, providing little more than textured walls and concrete floors. And for some, an abundance of empty space feels overwhelming, but the creative mind sees that blank canvas as an opportunity to create something unique. Bringing in floral installations such as hanging vines can add pops of color to any wall, and for those who aren’t floral fans, funky art pieces and sculptures turn your blank space into an art exhibit that showcases your loves and passions.

Fill the Space

In some spaces, the main concern you may face is how to work with the size of the venue. An extra-large room might look empty, even with a good number of guests, so it may help the structure and flow of the day if you separate off the space. Bring in curtains or movable walls to section off your ceremony space from the reception area – this will make sure guests don’t wander too much before the ceremony, and it’ll keep their focus on your love, rather than dinner. The walls can be kept up for the rest of the evening to make the reception the perfect size, or the ceremony space can be broken down during dinner to create a dance floor once the walls are removed. Using a variety of tables may add some depth and dimension to your reception space as well. Create a flow and feeling with your tables so guests are encouraged to mingle, and even feel like family.

As you work to fill your space, be sure to keep things balanced, as well. Working with a variety of shapes, materials, textures and lighting can quickly go from balanced and refined to overproduced if you’re not careful. Too many added metallic elements in an industrial space can be beautifully balanced out with some soft lighting and floral elements, while still creating a unique variety of elements.

Work with Shapes and Lighting

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There aren’t any rules when it comes to decorating your industrial space, so if you can imagine it, you can make it happen. Adding geometric options can surprise and delight guests and add a new dimension to the otherwise empty spaces. We love working with cool lighting to create contrast and add depth to the space. Market lights are wonderfully classic, but Edison Bulbs are quickly gaining in popularity.

Have Fun with the Colors

There are two main routes you can go when it comes to color in an industrial space: adventurous pops of color that compliment the space, or enhancing the colors already there. Pops of color add so much excitement to an industrial space, giving your guests something to really talk about. Every photo in your wedding album will have something different and unique in the background, and you get to have so much fun with color palettes, including with your flowers and tablescapes. Enhancing the present colors, on the other hand, creates a richly inviting space with a touch of elegance and charm. This includes pulling out the character of the walls or textured paint by adding natural elements such as woods or complimentary metals.

We love the super cool industrial venues in the Raleigh Durham area! Chat with us to find your perfect space and make it your dream venue. Need help designing your wedding? We've got you!

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