Two Vendors to Hire Based on Personality

When planning a wedding, it can quickly become overwhelming to think about all the vendors that need to be hired, from the major vendors like venue and caterer to the aesthetic details like linen rentals and calligraphy. And for each vendor option, there is a list of questions that all of the internet and every wedding planner says you should ask, from asking if they’re available for your date and how much they cost, to their experience with weddings and if they can accommodate your specific requests, plus all the vendor specific questions. And those lists of questions can be as simple or complex as you wish.

So while you’re doing all this research and emailing back and forth with the top three choices for the 17 different vendor types you’ll need, it’d be great to be able to look at each vendor’s answers to your most pressing questions and make a decision about who to hire. And in many vendor cases, you can! Rentals, stationers and florists can safely be booked after a solid email correspondence and perusal of their website and reviews. Other vendors may require a visit to see or sample the product, such as venues, caterers and bakers. But before you sign on the dotted line, there are two vendors who you MUST meet in person: the photographer and the wedding planner.

On your wedding day, the most important thing is that you are surrounded by people you know and love. And about a dozen virtual strangers whom you’ve hired who are floating around making the day happen. Each vendor has a unique and important role to play in making your wedding perfect, but the two vendors you’ll spend the most time with are your planner/coordinator and your photographer. So isn’t it a good idea that you know and like them?

If you hire a wedding planner during the planning process, this is someone who you’ll be spending time with frequently during the year leading up to your big day. If you’re going to commit to someone for a year of your life - even if it’s mostly email interactions and once a month meetings - it’s best to have someone you enjoy talking to. Your wedding planner is there to help create your dream day, and hiring someone you can talk freely to about those dreams is vital. Having a strong rapport with your planner creates a smoother planning process that leads to a wedding day that truly captures the essence of who you are as a couple.

If your planner is with you for the whole process, it allows time to build a relationship and trust. When you’re only hiring a wedding coordinator, it’s also vital to find someone who has a personality you enjoy - you’re trusting this person to be the liaison between yourself, your family, your guests and your vendors. That’s a lot of trust to place on just anyone, so making sure your coordinator has good people skills and can interact well with strangers is a huge plus. You may not see much of your coordinator on the day of, but your guests and family will certainly notice the personality of the vendor who has to be everywhere at once.

Your photographer has been hired with the purpose of capturing the essence of your love on this important and exciting day, in a way that will be shared and cherished for decades. That’s a lot of trust! And while a strong portfolio of beautiful photos and glowing recommendations is a great place to start when hiring your wedding photographer, you have to remember that, aside from your fiance-turned-spouse, the photographer is the person you’ll be spending the

most time with on your wedding day.

He or she will be there when you’re getting ready, saying your vows, sharing an intimate moment with your new spouse, tearing up at toasts, dancing your butt off, and so much more! And sure, you won’t be focused on the lens for many of those pictures, but if someone is going to be following you around for a special day, it’s probably a good idea to hire someone you can get along with! The best photographers know how to blend into the crowd to capture stunning candids, while also knowing the best ways to interact with the couple and their bridal party, even for those beautiful but awkward to create “laugh at each other like somethings actually funny” poses.

There’s no right or wrong when considering the personalities of your photographer and wedding planner, since everyone has a different personality and every couple has different goals for their wedding. But we like to think that the best option is someone professional who we would enjoy sitting down and having coffee with.

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